Answers to some of your questions…

  1. Do I have to be a computer guy to figure this out?
    No. Just follow the step by step instructions. If it looks intimidating just email for help (help@jowdow.com) or call Doug at 971 225-0703.

  2. Do I have to load my inventory using my phone?
    No. It's much easier to load your inventory using your home computer. It can be done at your own pace some evening in the weeks prior to the swap meet.

  3. Do I have to upload my inventory for each swap meet where I'm a vendor?
    No. If you follow steps 1,2&3 at the top of the Vendor page it will provide you with a spread sheet. Use it, name it something you won't forget and save it. You'll find it later in your Downloads section of your File Manager. At the next JowDow Participating swap meet you may have to update the booth number, but you can reuse the spreadsheet again and again. Be sure to delete the items you've already sold.

  4. Do I have to upload my stuff at a JowDow event?
    No. It's totally optional, but a very good idea.