For the price of only $0.99 you can log on and search the entire event by keyword. Why walk, when you can surf?

Here’s the step by step:

1. Choose a User Name and Password. Ask your wife to write it down.

2. Scroll down to the Pay Me button and take the $0.99 gamble. It’ll take you to PayPal or your bank card info. Once you make the payment, it’ll bring you back to the JowDOW log in page. For the next 30 days you can log back in for free and shop any participating JowDOW event anywhere.

3. Log in to the Dashboard using your User Name and Password. Your wife may be able to help you again here.

4. Click on the 3 small bars at top left to open the options list.

5. Select your Event from the drop down list.

6. Enter descriptive keywords in the Search Box that describe the item you want to find. You can search by description, year & make or by booth number.

7. Click on the blue search box. Scroll down through the options & look at the images. Check prices.

8. Select an item, take note of the booth number and head over there to wrangle your best deal.

9. Tell your friends about JowDOW.