About Us

JowDow.com is the brainchild of Doug Barnes and came about after spending a long Saturday searching the Portland Swap Meet for must-have parts. He and his friend Kevin from Vancouver had come to the swap meet with a list. "We passed up some good deals on parts and tools that weren't on the list because we didn't want to end up $10 short when we finally found what we came for. I must have walked 10 miles", said Doug "and I skipped lunch because I wanted to make sure I had enough money to pay for what I absolutely needed, once I found it." He figured there must be a better way to shop the swap meets.

Over the next year or so Doug worked on the concept and hired a web developer to assist. The result is the JowDow website you can see on these pages. Soon, he plans to develop the mobile app. "It would be easier if I were a wizard computer dude, but I'm not. Fortunately, I have talented family & friends." Doug has a small hot rod shop in Central Washington where he specializes in retrofitting 40s-70s Chevrolets with Electronic Fuel Injection and overdrive transmissions. "I especially like the Tuned Port Injection (TPI) from the mid 80s. It runs great, makes great torque and looks sharp."


Doug has been a professional actor (performing over 500 times), foreign missionary, negotiated the purchase of a fleet of Harley Davidson police motorcycles from the Chinese municipal government, owned/operated a body shop, owned/operated a medical supply business for 12 years, married an artist/musician/soap maker and has 5 children and 7 grandchildren. He has worked on classic American cars since high school in the 1960s. "I've always wanted to combine my hobby with my profession, and I enjoy helping people. Creating JowDow has put it all in one package for me."