What is JowDOW?

We’re so flattered you asked! JowDOW is The World's First and Only SWAP MEET SEARCH ENGINE, designed specifically to help you find what you’re looking for at shopping venues where the inventory is unpredictable, like a Swap Meet, Craft Fair or Gun Show. Just enter keywords in the search bar and you instantly know which vendors to visit.

The Problem.

Let’s say you’re a car guy and you need to attend the big swap meet this coming weekend to look for those obsolete parts you’ll need. But, you’ve been there before. You know you’ll probably end up walking 10 miles and you’ll probably have to attend all three days to see every booth. You arrive early, but at the end of 3 days (and 12 miles of walking), you realize that you:

1- Spent more money than you budgeted,

2- Got a good deal on sandpaper and a poster of James Dean,

3- Still didn’t find the parts you need...Right?

The Benefits

If you were to start over using JowDOW, you’d begin by spending $0.99 to sign up as an attendee, then just type a keyword description of the part you need in the search bar, press a button and, BINGO! You instantly know which booth has the parts you want, as well as the price, and how many are available. You might even be able to see an image of the part before you walk over. You'll save so much time and money that you can spend the rest of the day browsing for that perfect poster of Marilyn Monroe, and enjoy one of those ice cream bars dipped in chocolate and crushed peanuts.

The Drawbacks

You’ll need a smartphone and $0.99.